“Write what you know”…
perhaps the biggest bit of
‘bunk’ advice anyone’s ever given
a writer.

“Write what you don’t know”
perhaps that’s risky to say…
even downright dangerous
but that’s why I’m a poet today

short stories, flash fiction,
one ‘made up as I went along’ novel,
but like a caterpillar
I was stuck chewing leaves
and it was all tasting about the same

I watched as other bloggers…
…ones whose work I admired…
posted poetic bits and I thought
“wow! Good stuff! But I don’t dare…
I can’t rhyme…I can’t write to meter”
then I thought, “why not give it a shot!”

So I wrote a sonnet…about haiku of all things
and proved to myself I can write poetry
sometimes I write poems
(like this one)
that don’t have “structure”
but sometimes
I want…I need to write rhyme or rhythm
to stretch myself, to make myself better

I’m pretty novice, as the poet goes
but that caterpillar has spun his cocoon
and gone through metamorphosis

now I can fly on the wings of poetry
(both mine and that of others)
to see and experience new things
and my world
has just


over at dVerse, Anthony wants us to write poetry about how we have evolved as poets.  This poem expresses a bit about why I started writing poetry and what it has done for me.  It also explains why I find the dVerse community to be so beneficial to me: as it allows me to constantly learn more about poetry both through the prompts and through reading the works of the other participants.