The Invisible Man

the invisible man always liked to pick fights
he challenged all takers most days and most nights
quite quick on his toes and he couldn’t be seen
he never was beaten (and man he was mean!)

he took on weight lifters and boxers with ease
he’d simply evade them and hit when he pleased
’cause they couldn’t see him, they never could win
he’d pocket his winnings and say with a grin,

“no one’s ever beat me
no one ever will
I’m not visible
and I’m loaded with skill”

But then a blind boxer came, his name was Herb
and he said, “I’ll fight you, my ears are superb!”
Invisible man laughed and said “bring it on!
No one’s ever beat me, I’m a fighting Don!

The blind man squared up and he landed his punch
Invisible man nearly lost all his lunch,
said, “I’m invisible, how can I be beat
I cannot be seen, and I’m quick on my feet?”

Then Herb said, “your knowledge of English is poor
you think you’re invincible of that I’m quite sure
the difference in sounds is quite subtle, no doubt
but vincible you are!” and with that knocked him out.


written for dVerse, where the topic today is “invisible”.   I wanted to write a silly little piece about a man who doesn’t quite get the difference between invisible and invincible.