Something a Bit Silly for dVerse Open Link Night

a poet who hated to rhyme
decided to try it one time
he put on a bonnet
and wrote out a sonnet
but felt he was covered in grime

so next day he wrote some lim’ricks
but made sure that they didn’t rhyme
the purists were angry
but he didn’t care
’cause “that’s not my style” he said.


posted for dVerse Open Link Night


18 thoughts on “Something a Bit Silly for dVerse Open Link Night

  1. I like this, Bryan. I think a poet has to do his/her own thing & not feel compelled to write in a style that is not comfortable. And, ha, if the purists don’t like it, it is just their perspective. There is room for all! Smiles.

  2. A little silliness can be fun! I like your limerick 🙂
    (If you leave out the “like” in last line of first verse, i think the beat will be stronger…just my opinion, not a “purist” or anything!)

  3. Loved this, Bryan! I waver between loving the rhyme, and really finding it quite ooky, dependent on my mood, I think (consistently inconsistent, that’s me!). Well done, made me smile at the back end of a long day!

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