An Ode

so small
and ugly…
a mere bi-sected
ovoid sphere…burned,
then joined with
its brethren
to die a second death
being crushed
to dust
by spinning,
metal blades
but not merely
burned and crushed…
then made to endure
a cascade
of scalding water
you suffer
and then to top
it all off
you are discarded
like so much refuse
but somehow
you’ve filled my cup
with an elixir
that warms
my heart
and brings a smile
to my face
oh small, ugly
coffee bean,
you did not die in vain


written for dVerse, where Victoria is having us write object poetry.  Click on the dVerse link to see what other poetic contributions have been made…or write your own poem and join in the fun!


22 thoughts on “An Ode

  1. I enjoyed this contemplation on the fate of the coffee bean. Though I can be a bit sympathetic, for the most part I am happy that the coffee bean HAS made its sacrifice.

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