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It was if the face in the portrait was staring with cold disapproval at the drink I had just made.

For the briefest of moments I was tempted to feel guilt at this little indulgence of mine.  I managed to shrug of that feeling, however.  I laughed at the portrait, said “Cheers!” and picked up the glass.  The cool red wine warmed my throat pleasantly on the way down, and the fresh-cut fruit was delicious.  I wondered for a while how anyone could disapprove of a Sangria.  Then I remembered, the model for the portrait had been allergic to strawberries.


Written for Friday Fictioneers

The Path – Pilgrim’s Progress Pt.6

After speaking for some time together about the travails of Christian’s journey thus far, Goodwill pointed out the path that Christian was to follow: a path that was narrow, but as straight as a ruler could make it.

When Christian asked if there were not any turns or winds, Goodwill explained that many paths, both crooked and wide led away from the one path, but these characteristics would indicate that they were wrong paths

wide and crooked paths
lead to their various dooms
stray not from the straight

Christian begged Goodwill to remove the burden from his back, but Goodwill said, “be content to bear it until thou comest to the place of deliverance; for there it will fall from thy back of itself.”

Goodwill also instructed Christian that, once a little ways from the gate, he would come to the house of the Interpreter.  At this house, he should knock so that he might be shown excellent things that would help him on the journey

a hard path ahead
promise of counsel to come
burdened traveller


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