Growing Up

When I was a child
this one thing was true
I wanted to grow up
do what adults do

Yes, being a grown-up
what could be more grand
I’d call all the shots (at
least that’s what I’d planned)

I’d have a cool job like
a doctor or spy
I knew that Id be a
most important guy

But time slowly crept by
year piled on year
the days of my childhood
seemed ever more dear

For suddenly I was
with huge horrors faced
like politics, taxes
and choice of tooth-paste

So now that I’m 40
and am no young pup
I’ll say it with prid that
I’ll Never Grow Up!

Bryan Ens


posted for dVerse Open Link Night (and inspired by this selfie I took of myself yesterday)


16 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. haha…the choice of tooth-paste… something you should never take on the light shoulder…smiles… good on you not growing up.. adult life can be boring except if you work as a spy.. ha…would love to do this…cool selfie as well..made me smile

  2. Growing up is definitely highly over-rated! Interesting, isn’t it, how when one is a kid one can hardly wait to grow up…..and as an adult one realizes the great advantages of being a kid (at heart anyway….and always).

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