The Gate – Pilgrim’s Progress Pt. 5

Having bid Evangelist farewell, Christian once again set his feet in the direction of the gate.  He went quickly, and without daring to speak to anyone else.  Before too long, therefore, he attained the goal of the gate.

Above the gate was a sign that read, “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”


Christian obeyed the sign’s instruction, and by and by a man by the name of Goodwill came and inquired as to who was knocking and why.  Christian explained to him that he was a burdened sinner, fleeing from the City of Destruction on his way to Mount Zion in the hopes of being delivered from the wrath to come.  Then Christian asked Goodwill if he would be willing to open the door for him.

“I am willing with all my heart” was Goodwill’s response, and with that, the door opened up.  No sooner had the door opened, however, than Goodwill grasped Christian and yanked him through the gate.

Upon Christian’s question as to this treatment, Goodwill explained that near to the gate was a strong castle captained by Beelzebub.  From that castle, Beelzebub and those with him shoot arrows at those trying to enter the gate in the hopes of killing them before they can get through.

knock on the door
it shall be opened to you
flight of arrows

Christian rejoiced and trembled that he had made it safe thus far.

many trial faced
and the goal is attained
pilgrimage begins


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