Dentist Visit – a sketch poem for dVerse

Over at dVerse, Claudia has asked us to write a poem that is a sketch of something that we’ve seen or experienced. I just got back from a dental visit, and so you’re stuck with this. This poem is entirely true (if a bit rough). Claudia asked us to write quickly and sans-edit. Hope you enjoy!


Went to the dentist today, ‘cause a molar
has been giving me excruciating pain
since Thursday.

No way I could get in to see my own
dentist as quick as my sanity required
and I was fortunate enough to
find a seven day clinic that
had a cancellation today

I went in not knowing if
the dentist would just look
and make me come back at
a later date

so I went in with some fear
and trepidation

The hygienist looked at the
x-ray and couldn’t see a
cavity, but figured the root

looked like it might be
infected or dead. The dentist came
and confirmed her assessment

and asked if I wanted it dealt with
right away.

Of course, I said yes

The freezing went in…a pinch that felt like
a hug in comparison to the
screaming pain I’d been experiencing

Tooth broke as he was pulling it
out, and the sound and motion of his plyers
(or whatever that tool is called) made me

He assured me everything was OK and that the
tooth had just broken.

He had to break the tooth further to pull it out
one root at a time, but
the entire procedure (not including time for freezing
to set) was
a whopping 10 minutes

Now I’ve just got to wait for
the freezing to go away
and then I’ll know if
this was all a success.