Slough of Despond – Pilgrim’s Progress Pt.3

Christian and Pliable set off together to find the gate.

As they went on their way, they became so absorbed in their conversation that they didn’t notice until too late, that they had come upon the Slough of Despond, and ended up walking right in.

Christian, due to the burden on his back, began to sink.  Pliable became angry that such misery was the reward of his pilgrimage and, as soon as he freed himself, returned the way they had come.

when faced with trials
a pliable man despairs
abandons his friend

Christian was determined to struggle through, but could not extract himself because he was so weighed down.  A man named Help came by and asked Christian why he was in the slough.  Christian explained to him that Evangelist had directed him this way, and that he’d fallen in.  Help extended his hand and pulled Christian out and sent him on his way.

mired in struggle
despondently sinking
a helping hand


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Lamps For Sale


Copyright – Dawn M. Miller

David had always hated his mom’s lamp collection.  Since he’d been a child, every time he had done something bad, she’d turned on a lamp and made him stare at it.  The worse he behaved, the more lamps he was made to stare at.  She always removed the shade, so he was looking at the bare bulb.

Now, at 15 years of age, mom “trusted” him enough that she was going away for a week.  “If anything’s amiss when I get back, you’ll sit in a room full of my lamps for 2 days,” she’d warned.  No problem.  By the time she returned, there wouldn’t be a single one left.


written for Friday Fictioneers