Rebekah’s Twins

I’ve been feeling rather introspective lately about my role/identity as a poet.  I’ve come to peace with the fact that I am indeed a poet, but that hasn’t stopped the introspection process.  I write poetry because I enjoy doing so, and if I can bring joy, inspiration, hope, encouragement, and/or humour to someone else, that’s certainly an added bonus.  Here’s a bit of poetic introspection about the process, and maybe the why of my poetry.  The prose poetry form that Samuel Peralta introduced us to recently seems to be working well for my introspections.


My embryonic thoughts are Rebekah’s twins, jostling with each other in the womb of my mind until they’ve developed enough that they can be birthed by the midwife of paper and ink.  And even then, one thought tries to grasp another by the heel and haul it back in a frantic struggle for dominance on the page.

A poem begins to grow with one thought held in a place of honour like a first-born Esau, only to be replaced by another, that Jacob-like, steals the birthright of the first.

A constant struggle and fight continues, and sometimes one thought is banished to a distant land…only to return, transformed into something better through its absence, and I can only hope that my poetic offspring will come to live at peace with each other.  I rejoice when these thought-children of mine can finally coalesce into a unified family, where one thought plus one thought is greater than two thoughts.  Where those thoughts give birth to more and more until nations of thoughts join together to become so much more than multiple thoughts…but become One Unified Whole

And I…once my poem has come fully into being…I can only stand by and watch as an observer, to see what my poem will become, and I can hope, that one day, this offspring of mine will make a difference.


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