Am I a Poet?

When do I get to call myself a poet?  I’ve been writing more and more poems, yet too often I feel like a fraud.  I’m certainly no Robbie Burns, William Carlos Williams or Brian Miller, but then again, Robbie Burns was not William Carlos Williams, and William Carlos Williams was no Brian Miller either.  This whole poetry thing is relatively new to me.  Can I call myself a poet?  Or am I just some hack who slings bad rhymes like a part-time bartender slinging drinks in glasses that weren’t washed quite well enough?

Sure, I love a lot of alliteration, and I understand similes like the back of my hand, but is that enough to really say I’m a poet?  Is knowing the lingo, and knocking off a few sonnets sufficient?  Is it enough to pen a few haiku or ballads?

There’s a question:  How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?  Perhaps that should be…how many poems must a (wanna-be) poet write before you can call him a poet?

Sometimes I feel like a fraud when I write a poem, but I’ve come to peace with this:  I’m no Robbie Burns, no William Carlos Williams, No Brian Miller, but yet, my poems are mine and they fight inside me until I give them voice and release them on the world.  I may be new to the world of poetry, but I am Bryan Ens, and I am a poet.


written for the prose poetry challenge at dVerse.


10 thoughts on “Am I a Poet?

  1. ha. i am def not in that company. i actually fear being a poet. a writer. or whatever we all are. and the feeling of ever arriving anywhere. we sling words and every once in a while we get it right. probably not as often as we dont. smiles. yes you are. and always be bryan ens. no one else.

    • I suspect that some of the greats never stopped feeling that way…I suppose once we feel like we’ve “arrived”, we have also run out of anything worthwhile to say.

  2. Well yes you are a poet..and there are no rules for that..i truly think…

    Your heart expressed in whatever way..makes ya what you are
    in words..a wanna all we really wanna do..anyway..i think..
    As being in the long all that counts..

    And poetry is always mindfully aware..
    of Now..and that i feel is the greatest benefit..
    of simply BE NO
    W! a path of poetry..
    to BE IS ALL
    i see..
    is all that counts..meter ..verse or whatever..i knowNOt!
    but where i’m@NOW
    withya..’right’ here…;)

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