Bad For Your Health


Image Copyright -Claire Fuller

The sign said, “NO SMOKING IN WORKSHOP”.

Oscar always thought that sign was ironic.  After all, they were making cigarettes for export!

He looked around.  His co-workers were still on break, so in defiance, he lit-up and took a deep breath of smoke.  It felt so wonderful to rebel!

It took a few months before his vision became blurry.  A few months later, he lost control of his muscles.  Within a year, he was quite dead.

How was Oscar to know that the cigarettes were the Government’s secret weapon against the nation soon to be invaded?


for Friday Fictioneers where once a week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields gives us a photograph, and we get to let our imaginations run wild and write a 100 word (or there-abouts) story.


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