It’s Hard to Write…or The disadvantages of a 3 and a half year old

At dVerse, Mary asked us to write a poem that looks at both sides of an issue.  As I read her prompt to us and reached over for my spiral note-book, I wasn’t sure what to write.  My youngest son had recently awakened from his afternoon nap and wanted to snuggle with me, making the physical act of writing rather difficult…and suddenly I knew what I was going to write about:


It’s hard to write
with a three year old…
no, a three and a HALF
year old (as he’ll tell anyone
who’ll listen)…
sitting on my lap

It’s hard to write
when he gets down
because the music moves
him and he says
“dance wiff me, Daddy!”

It’s hard to write
when my wife starts
tickling him and his
laughter comes
in ear-splitting shrieks

It’s hard to write
when he does all the
silly crazy things that
he does…the things that
make him…him

But then again…
He’s the source of
so much joy
so much laughter
so much inspiration
so maybe…
It’s not so hard to write after-all


17 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Write…or The disadvantages of a 3 and a half year old

  1. ah that made me smile and brought back some memories…i didn’t write back then when my kids were that small but i can imagine that the inspiration outweighs the disturbances…smiles

  2. Bryan, I know exactly what you are saying. I remember days when I had my granddaughter over here, and spending time with her definitely interfered with my writing; but then in some ways she also WAS my inspiration as well! Mixed blessing indeed!

  3. and it is the inspiration from which we draw our poems as well
    my default would be to go play, as that is the why
    behind what i do….smiles.

    enjoy it now man
    they grow up fast….

  4. Wonderful poem. Three and a half year olds are such a delight for the most part! Soak it all in as it does not last long!

  5. I love that you included your son’s pronunciation in this post, “dance wiff me, Daddy.” It really adds to the beautiful tone of the piece.

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