sometimes, the sky is
dark. heavy.
with rain
and it seems the heavens
weep with sorrow

sometimes the clouds
exPLODE with sound.
angry. defiant.

sometimes heaven
erupts with fire
and it hurls with hatred
those flames to the earth below

but sometimes heaven
embraces us with warmth
as winter gives way to spring

sometimes the clouds
blush with a pallet of colour
when we catch them
kissing goodnight to the sun

and sure, sometimes the sky weeps
but when it is done,
it rejoices in life renewed.

sometimes, I see the sky
reflected in the eyes of my children


written for dVerse Open Link Night


23 thoughts on “Sky

    • Thanks Brian. I was thinking of my own kids and how, so often, their moods can be all over the place (just like the moods of the sky)…but your observation is so true too…sometimes the beauties of the sky are seen by children when adults are too busy to notice.

  1. In the eyes of the children, how different the sky and world is ~ I am eagerly looking for spring after the winter storm but alas we must be patient ~

    • Yes. So hard to be patient though! Actually, we’re having a warm spell here in Saskatchewan…just over a week ago, we were in the -40s, and right now, we’re well above freezing (+6 C). Unfortunately, the cold will be coming back…

  2. Indeed, sometimes we see the clouds in different ways. I wonder oftentimes if it is our own state of mind that causes us to interpret the clouds as we do sometimes. I like the explanations of rain, thunder, and lightning, as well as the description of the beautifully multi-colored clouds. The ending was poignant…yes, seeing the clouds through the eyes of children must be the most glorious sight of all!

    • Thanks Claudia. It’s interesting that what I thought I wrote, and what seemingly everyone has interpreted, are so dramatically different. (The sky, in this case, was a metaphor for the moods of my children) The poetic voyage has some interesting surprises (such as the reader’s interpretation causing the writer to re-interpret his/her own poem). Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. This is so true – not just for children – that we take the weather with us and reflect it, or are influenced by it. Thinking of the dark days of winter, which can oppress and depress us, due to so little sun. How lovely, to be able to write as a father, thinking of your children in this beautiful manner.

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