My Desk

Tony Maude over at dVerse has given us links to some of the prompts from over the past 6 months.  As I have not personally been with dVerse that long yet, this gave me the opportunity to try a prompt that I hadn’t done yet.  I chose to do a List Poem about my desk.

My desk it is cluttered with so many thing

a stapler, a ruler, a binder with rings

paperclips, highlighter, empty pop-can

kleenex box, coffee cup, book with a plan

papers (assorted) all over the place

(of my desk’s surface there’s barely a trace)

a big calculator with buttons galore

do I have pens?  At a glance I see four

an e-reader (black) with an Angry Birds app

an old rubber band that is likely to snap

a can of compressed air, granola bar snack

a big sticky ball of that stuff called “fun-tack”

some magnets, some headphones, a phone number book

a keyboard, computer, a mouse, and, Oh Look!

a note that says, “Clean me”

….yeah….that’s not gonna happen



20 thoughts on “My Desk

  1. smiles… i like when desks gather all that personal stuff and tell their own story… was just taking a pic of my painting room…it’s a mess… and the thing’s not only on the desk but on the floor as well… i call it creative chaos…smiles

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