Re-Opening – A Chiasm








A key turns in the lock

…A sign saying “OPEN” is placed in the window

…one by one, switches are flipped and the room is flooded with light

…the open door allows a gentle breeze to refresh the atmosphere

…slowly, people – young, old, male, female – enter in

…an unmistakable sense of camaraderie fills the place

…smiles of joy at friendships rekindled are seen throughout the room

…and perhaps best of all – the sounds of conversation, laughter, singing and poetry


chiasm (or chiasmus) for dVerse Open Link Night.  Poem inspired by the fact that I’m glad the pub has re-opened!


20 thoughts on “Re-Opening – A Chiasm

  1. its funny how the turning of the sign, the turn of the lock…the infilling of people…it changes everything….smiles…glad to be open once more…welcome back…happy new year….

  2. Well..i’d like to tell ya..and i am going to do that…
    That i worked in a Military Bowling Center for almost two decades..
    And to literally work in a Cheers like environment…
    IN my opinion…
    Is the best type of work or recreation..available to mankind…
    Per the social animal type!
    Happy New Year 2ya2!014!

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