Sentry’s Report

One day, while on sentry duty, I heard a sound that I didn’t like.  I was making my rounds on the ground when I heard the sound, so  I was unable to see what I knew must be there, so I quickly ascended the watch tower in order to get a visual on whatever it was that I had heard.  From my new vantage point, I was able to ascertain that hostiles were indeed moving towards our location.  With no time to lose, I called down to my superior officer:  “Sir, I perceive a threat, approaching the south perimeter.”

The response I received was, “Funny Puppy!”



written for Friday Fictioneers.  Thanks Rochelle for a wonderful photo inspiration!


14 thoughts on “Sentry’s Report

    • Thanks Janet. When I saw the picture, I figured, that’s probably exactly what dogs think when they start barking.

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