The Tower

“Hey Dad!” Jenna called from the back seat, “doesn’t that look just like the Eiffel Tower?”

Roger was staring with disbelief.  His daughter was right, that did look like the Eiffel Tower.  “That’s strange.  I’ve driven this road a thousand times, and I’ve never seen that tower before.  Somebody must have pre-fabricated that in a shop and erected it almost overnight!”

Five year old Timothy piped up, “those big lights look kinda like eyes!”  Roger and Jenna both had to agree that the spotlights did look remarkably like eyes.  In fact, the upper portion of the tower, with a bit of imagination, looked a lot like a head.

As they continued down the road, they had no clue how close Timothy had been to the truth.  The invasion had begun.


I’ve been considering for a while, now, submitting a story for Friday Fictioneers.  I’ve finally decided to take that plunge.


19 thoughts on “The Tower

  1. Dear Quest,

    Glad you stopped holding back and joined the fun. I think you’ll find, as I have, a great group of writers from all over the globe. I’ve made some good friends and have learned a lot about concise writing.
    As for your story, if that tower’s one of the aliens, we’re doomed. I look forward to reading more from you.



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