Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 46

Love Apart never attained the same sort of ratings as sit-coms like Friends or Seinfeld, but it did gain enough popularity that it stayed on-air for three seasons.  They had been hoping for a run of at least five years, but there are no guarantees in the entertainment world.

The studio execs gave the producers enough notice that they were able to bring the series to a logical conclusion.  In the final episode, the script called for all the characters to be together for the first time.  Robert and Patricia (the two main characters) had appeared on screen together a few times, but in this episode, their “families” would all get together as well to celebrate Christmas.  The climax of the episode was to be Robert proposing to Patricia at the very end of the show.

Bertha, who played Robert’s sister, Renata, was in her place on set, acting her part.  The cameras were rolling as she was helping all of the other characters decorate the Christmas Tree.  Even though she was sad that they were filming the final episode of the show, she was a professional and held her composure.  She knew that in just a few moments, when the tree looked practically perfect, Robert was going to say to Patricia, “here’s one more ornament.  Can you hang it for me?”  The “ornament” was, of course, going to be the engagement ring, and Patricia was going to break down and say, “YES!!”.

Bertha was expecting the call to “CUT!” come at any moment, as Robert completely missed his cue, but the director kept silent, and the film kept rolling.  She did her best to keep acting, knowing that sometimes the director liked to catch a bit of improv.  Finally, she heard the expected words, “Here’s one more ornament.  Can you hang it for me?”  But the voice was wrong!  She turned and saw Thorson, down on one knee, holding up a ring to her!  It took half a moment for Bertha to realize that this was not a script error, but was, in fact, something that Thord had worked out with the director.  This was not mere acting…this was the REAL THING!

She looked around and saw that all the other actors and actresses were staring at her with huge smiles on their faces.  They were all in on it.  She looked from face to face, then finally looked back at Thorson.  He was smiling his adorable crooked grin, and she could tell that he was more nervous than she had ever seen him before.  Bertha completely broke character at that point.  Tears began spilling down her face as she said, “Yes, Thorson, I will.  YES!!  I love you!!”  The entire cast and crew burst into applause as the two of them shared their first kiss as an engaged couple.  A few moments later, Bertha felt arms around her, and looked up to see Mr. and Mrs. The Third were there too…and so was her mom!


They were married near the end of April.  They chose to hold a rather small wedding, as much out of the Hollywood spotlight as possible.  They didn’t live “Happily Ever After”, for that’s not real life.  They had their ups and downs and disagreements like every couple does.  Despite those minor problems, though, they were mostly happy, as they were committed to, and loved each other very much.

After about two years of marriage, Bertha told Thord, “I think I’m pregnant.”  His face lit up with joy at the thought of being a dad.  Roughly nine months after that, the two of them were in a hospital room, and Thord was gazing down at the new-born.  A nurse walked in at that point and said, “Do you have a name for him yet?”

Bertha looked up at the nurse, smiled, and said, “Yes.  His name is Thorson Thorkelson The Third, the Second”



a big THANK YOU to those of you who have been following this story from the beginning, especially those of you who encouraged me to write more when I got frustrated and wanted to quit.


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