Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 45

Thorson couldn’t wait to call his parents, and Bertha understood his impatience.  It wasn’t every day that a boy like Thord got asked to play a part in a sit-com.  He couldn’t believe that he hadn’t even had to audition for the part!  For a moment, he was worried that Bertha would be jealous…after all she was an actress…but she had had to work hard in order to land the parts she had played.  One look at her beaming face, however, and Thord could tell that she was just as excited for him as he was.

When his parents answered the phone, he talked, as casually as he could, about his day so far, but held off on the most exciting news of all.  After talking for about five minutes, however, he couldn’t wait any longer.  So as non-chalantly as he could, he said, “Oh.  I almost forgot, I’ve been asked to be an actor in Bertha’s sit-com.”  Of course, his parents thought that he was just kidding at first, but when they finally realized that he was serious, they were speechless.  When his dad finally was able to speak again, he said, “As long as you don’t go crazy like a lot of kid actors have.”  It may not have been an outright “Yes”, but Thorson knew his dad, and knew that this was his way of giving permission.  His mom was a lot more reluctant, but even she couldn’t say “no” to such an amazing opportunity.


When the show finally went into production, it was decided to change the name of the show from “Absence Makes The Heart a Wonder” (which everyone agreed sounded hokey) to “Love Apart”.  The studio found an acting coach who lived in Saskatoon, SK who could help Thorson develop his acting skills, and he surprised everyone, especially himself, with his ability.  As had been predicted, Thorson’s role became more and more important, and shortly after he graduated from high school, the studio approached the The Third family and suggested that, “perhaps it’s time to rent a place in Hollywood.”  They were, at first, reluctant to do so, but when they stopped to consider that Thorson was bringing in an income that was greater than the combined income of both of his parents, they finally decided it might be the best.  They sold their home in Armpit, figuring that they could always buy another place if and when the time came to move back home.  Finally, almost five years after meeting, Thorson and Bertha were living in the same community.

~~to be continued~~

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