The 12 Haiku of Christmas

Partridge and pear tree

my gift on Christmas: day one

bird’s eating the pears


On Christmas: day two

I received two turtle doves

no hope for the pears


Day three:  three french hens

I couldn’t understand a

single word they said


Fourth day of Christmas:

Four calling birds for a grand

total of ten birds


I got five gold rings

on Christmas’s fifth day

finally not a bird!


Day six has arrived

I got six egg-bearing geese

more birds.  You kidding??


On the seventh day

where will I put seven swans?

my tub’s getting full


Day eight: eight milk maids

I have no use for them, but

at least they’re not birds


Nine ladies dancing

are what I got on day nine

this is worse than birds


Ten Lords-a-leaping

“why” you ask “are they jumping?”

they’re dodging bird poop


On day eleven

I’m deafened by the sounds of

eleven pipers


finally, the last day

more noise: twelve drummers drumming

this is a nightmare


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6 thoughts on “The 12 Haiku of Christmas

  1. Maybe the milkmaids could be enlisted to clean up the bird poop? Since, apparently, there were no cows given with the milkmaids, which means they’re not really occupied at the moment…

    • Haha! Hope you get something much better than a vacuum cleaner for Christmas…but definitely not something that poops either! Have a great Christmas season!

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