Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 44

This trip was certainly turning out to be more than Thorson had bargained for.  The plan had been to spend a couple of weeks with Bertha in the state of Washington, but now he was flying even further…down to California!  When he had called his parents to make sure it was OK to take this “detour”, and had assured them that Bertha’s mom was coming too, they had quickly given their consent.  Before too long, Bertha and Thorson were smiling at each other as they felt the wheels of the plane touch down on the LAX tarmac.

Upon exiting the plane, they followed Bertha’s mom out of the secure area.  They were all discussing how they were going to find the studio, but were surprised to see a sharply dressed chauffeur holding a small placard that said “VonEngel Party”.  With relief, they introduced themselves and quickly found themselves on the way to Bertha’s meeting.

When they arrived at the studio, the chauffeur took them to where Bertha’s meeting was, and then offered to take Thorson and Bertha’s mom on a tour, as Bertha’s meeting would last for a while.  They enjoyed seeing some of the houses of celebrities, but Thorson was really looking forward to touring around with Bertha instead of her mom.  About 2 hours later, the chauffeur received a call to return to the studio.

When they got back, they were expecting to see Bertha waiting for them, but the chauffeur just said, “follow me.”  They walked down a corridor and entered a conference room where Bertha and the rest of the cast were still wrapping up.  The director was speaking as Thord and Bertha’s mom entered the room and took some seats in the back corner.  He looked up and gave them a smile…then his face took on a look of shock.  Finally, beaming, he said to all assembled, “I do believe that John has just arrived.”

Thorson, of course, had no idea what was happening, but the cast did.  The director had been discussing that he had not yet found the right person to play a character named “John”.  John was to play a close friend of Rob (the male lead).  It would be a minor role…only appearing in about 2 or 3 episodes each season, but still a crucial role.  The director had definite ideas of what this character should look like, but had not yet found the right “fit”.  But now, the eyes of everyone turned to look at…Thorson.  It took a while for the director to explain to Thorson what he was implying, and Thorson quickly objected, saying, “I’m not an actor.”  The director, however would simply not take “no” for an answer, and before too long, Thorson was starting to believe that just maybe he could act.

“There’s no way that I can move down to California, though,” Thorson objected.

The director assured him that, “as your character does not appear in each episode, that won’t be a problem, we’ll simply fly you down to California whenever we need you.  If the show is successful, however, your role may increase.  But we can discuss that in the future.”

After being told, “talk it over with your parents, but get back to me within the next couple of days,” Thorson walked out of the studio with Bertha and her mom.  He didn’t feel like he was walking, though…he felt more like floating, and his head was spinning…but in a good way.

~~to be continued~~


2 thoughts on “Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 44

    • Thanks Brian. One of these days I need to put in a page with links to all the chapters…started this story on January 1st, and *hope* to complete it by the end of the year.

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