Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 43

“So…will you have to re-locate?”

This was the first thing that Thorson said to Bertha the next morning.  He was staying in the guest room at the VonEngle house.  Bertha was already up, sitting on the couch in the living-room reading a book.  She was leaning on the arm-rest with her legs folded neatly beside her.  As usual, Thorson felt that she looked amazing!


“Your sit-com…are you going to have to move to be a part of it?”

“Most likely.  Even though the show is based on a long-distance relationship, it’s just easier for the directors and producers if everyone can work out of the same studio.  Mom’s actually thinking of putting this place on the market.  The biggest problem, though, is that there’s not much in our price-range available in the Los Angeles area, so we’d most likely have to rent an apartment.  The lack of space would take some getting used to!”

Somehow, Thorson had pictured Bertha moving to Hollywood and buying the kind of mansion that actors always seemed to have, and he had to remind himself that, although Bertha was getting increasingly more well-known, his girl-friend was still a relative new-comer to the acting scene, especially when compared to a lot of actors and actresses.  She simply wasn’t pulling in the same kind of income as the big-name stars.

Bertha continued, “I’m trying to convince Mom to keep this place, though.  I like Washington, and when this whole TV show is over, it would be nice to have someplace to come back to!”

Even though the distance  that Bertha would be moving hardly mattered…it wouldn’t be much more difficult for them to visit each other, and Skype would be exactly the same, Thord couldn’t help but think to himself, “California?  But then we’ll be even further apart!”

“Hey!  I’ve got a surprise for you!”

Thorson liked surprises, so he was excited about what Bertha had to say.  He wasn’t disappointed

“The director asked us all to be at the studio the day after tomorrow.  I told him that my boyfriend was in town and asked if it would be possible to delay the meeting by a couple of weeks.  He said, ‘I wish that I could, but this meeting is imperative as we need to flesh out a few details so that our writers can get started…but if it makes things easier for you, we’ll pay for an extra plane ticket for you to give your boyfriend.’  So…you want to fly to Hollywood with me tomorrow?”

~~to be continued~~


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