Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 42

Bertha and Thord took the elevator down from the Space Needle and walked to where Bertha had parked her car.  Thorson slid into the passenger seat and felt suddenly tired.  It had been a busy day…flying to Seattle, touring the city with Bertha’s friend Samantha, and then spending the last few minutes with Bertha.  He felt comfortable with Bertha…as if they saw each other every day, rather than communicating almost entirely by text or Skype.  Now that he was sitting in her car, he realized that this was the first time that he had been truly able to relax since he had gotten up that morning.


Bertha started the engine, and they started driving down the street.  She began chatting as she navigated traffic, but noticed that Thord was being unusually quite.  She glanced over and smiled as she saw that her boyfriend had fallen asleep.  She knew what it was like to have a long day, so she just turned the radio on and kept driving towards the restaurant.


Thorson hadn’t intended to fall asleep.  He thought that it would be rude to lose consciousness so quickly after getting back together with Bertha, but his eyes were lead weights.  He began to dream that he and Bertha were just acting a script…that they weren’t, in fact, truly in love with each other, but just playing parts.  He knew that he loved her, but wished that she felt the same.  Perhaps his dream was a result of hearing about the TV series that Bertha was going to be in about a long distance relationship.  The dream gave him a sense of despair.  This feeling of unrequited love was about the worst feeling in the world, and it caused him to wake up rather suddenly.  When he looked over at Bertha, his mind was still partially stuck in his dream, and he experienced a moment of profound sadness, but then realized that reality was not what he had just experienced, and as quickly as it had sprung upon him, the sadness was replaced by contentment.


Bertha took Thord to a small Italian food restaurant.  The food was good, the atmosphere was warm and friendly, the waiter was attentive.  In short, as far as dining experiences go, they couldn’t have asked for more.  Neither Bertha nor Thord really noticed the meal though.  Each was basking in the presence of the other.  They were young.  They were in love.  For only the second time since they had met, they were together, and everything else paled in comparison.


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