Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 40

It took him a number of months to do it, but Thorson had finally achieved one of his goals.  His ears were popping as the airplane he was in came in for a landing at the SeaTac airport.  Within half an hour, he should be walking, hand-in-hand with the most gorgeous girl on the face of the planet!

It seemed to take forever for the plane to finally touch down.  Not the smoothest landing ever…3 good bumps before they were rolling smoothly down the runway, but he hardly seemed to notice, as his heart was already pounding so hard from his excitement.  The plane quickly decelerated and then began the long taxiing procedure that would take them to the terminal.  Ten days later, the plane finally came to a stop.  OK, it was probably ten minutes, but Thord couldn’t wait to see Bertha again.  It had been way too long.

The stewardess began to indicate who could de-plane first.  Of course, Thorson’s area of the cabin was about the last section allowed to get out of their seats, but finally he was clutching his carry-on and walking towards the door.


Thorson’s parents had understood Thord’s desire to fly out to see Bertha…in fact it was his dad who had given him the blessing to get a job in the first place…knowing full well that Thorson intended to use the money he earned to spend time with Bertha, but when Thorson had told them he had enough to buy return air-fare to Seattle, they had all-of-a-sudden seemed rather reluctant to let him go.  “You’re too young to go all that way by yourself.”  “You should put that money aside for a college education.”  “Long distant relationships seldomly work out, you’re really throwing your money away visiting a girl that’s going to break your heart in the long run.”  These were just a few of the arguments that his parents had thrown his way, but Thorson was stubborn in his resolve, and his parents had finally given in…but only after they had phoned Bertha’s mom to make sure that Thorson wouldn’t be an inconvenience.  Mrs VonEngle had assured them that she and Bertha would be more than happy to host Thorson, and arrangements had been made for Thorson’s visit.  Of course, the visit didn’t take place until early summer, as Thorson was still in school, but now the time had come.  Two Whole Weeks!


When Thorson exited the secure area of the airport, he immediately began scanning the airport for a head of beatiful red hair, so it took him a while to notice a smiling brunette holding a small sign that simply read “THORD”.  It was Bertha’s best friend, Samantha who held the sign.  She had, of course, noticed Thorson as soon as she saw him, but simply smiled and waited for him to notice her.  She noticed, too, that when Thorson finally did see her, he tried, rather unsuccessfully, to hide a look of disappointment.  She understood that it was Bertha that he was desperate to see.

Thorson walked up to Samantha and said “Hi!”.  This was the first time that he had met Samantha in person, but they had met on Skype quite some time ago, so Thorson knew who he was addressing.

“Hi Thorson.  Sorry to be here instead of Bertha, but something came up, and she wasn’t able to come herself.  She asked me if I’d give you a bit of a tour around town, and then I’ll take you to meet her when she’s free.”

As pretty as she was, Thorson was still disappointed to be touring around with Samantha instead of Bertha, but figured that this would give him an opportunity to get to know Bertha’s best friend, so pushing his disappointment aside, he said, “OK, let’s go!  By the way, what’s Bertha up to?”

Samantha just smiled at this question and said, “my car is this way.”

~~to be continued~~

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