Computer Crashed

Hello to any and all who are following my posts on Quest4Peas.  I’m sitting at a computer at the local library to write this short post, as my computer at home is down.  Again.  One never realizes how addicted one is to something until that something is gone!

As I don’t have any other access to the internet other than my home computer and public access computers, my posts will be (even more) sporadic than usual.  I will post as I can.  I already miss posting my Thorson Thorkelson stories, my poems to dVerse, and short stories to trifecta.

Hopefully my computer won’t be out of service for too terribly long, but in the meantime…I have not fallen off the face of the earth…just my computer has.

Look forward to coming back soon!


PS…if you enjoy humourous haiku, I will hopefully be able to keep up with these on my haiku(gesundheit) site via the magic of pre-scheduled postings.

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