The Dentist-Part 2

I couldn’t resist writing a second rondeau for today’s dVerse prompt.  My first response (The Dentist) was about my tooth extraction yesterday (although extremely exaggerated).  One reader (Shanyn) said, as part of her comment on my piece, “I like dentists only slightly more than I hate clowns”  Her comment got me thinking, and then writing the following.  Hope you enjoy.  I was a little less strict with the meter this time.  (I write this with great apologies to dentists everywhere)


After his shift the old dentist of Dwye
Would put on stage make-up that never looked dry
Upon his white grease-paint he placed a ball nose
And donned giant shoes that extended his toes
I ‘spect that the question you have now is “why?”

A dentist brings pain so he thought that he’d try
to do something different (I tell you no lie)
And so he went out with a water-squirt rose
After his shift

You think now that he was a wonderful guy
You think that you’d laugh at his face in a pie
But ‘spite the odd fact of his colourful clothes
The reason he does this I will now disclose
‘Tis the one way he’s found he can still make folks cry
After his shift.


18 thoughts on “The Dentist-Part 2

  1. Absolutely brilliant – and the meter is perfect too; I had no trouble at all reading it aloud; no lines that felt awkward. You should consider taking both of your rondeaux to a poetry reading! An audience would love them – even dentists … smiles

    • Thanks again! I’m starting to look for a place to read/recite my poetry, but so far, in my city, I’ve only found poetry events on nights that conflict with other commitments. Grrr.

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