The Dentist – A Rondeau for dVerse

I went to see the dentist to have a tooth pulled yesterday, hence this poem.  Some parts of it are true.


Extracted Tooth you left a place

Of emptiness within my face

You broke asunder and in twain

And to keep you would be insane

So to the dentist did I race


One root still firmly in its base

That was your one and only ace

For you still wanted to remain

Extracted Tooth


The dentist pulled with poise and grace

E’en though he had to himself brace

And so he put me in great pain

T’would be a fight that much was plain

‘Til he resorted to a mace

Extracted Tooth


written for dVerse.  Today the challenge was to write a rondeau.


29 thoughts on “The Dentist – A Rondeau for dVerse

  1. ha. i dont like the dentist….i do like your poem though, but it is causing me to wince….
    had a tooth extracted before….yikes…hope you are recovering nicely…and glad you can keep a sense of humor to it…smiles.

    • what my poem described was actually MUCH worse than the actual experience. Yeah…of my top 1000 favourite types of people…dentists don’t make the list…

  2. Nice job, Bryan, illustrating that there can be poetry found everywhere, even there in the dentist’s chair. We used the same Rondeau variation; 16th century English Rondeau. I jumped into history as radically as you jumped into the replay of this day; good work, sir.

  3. Yikes – how I hate the dentist – but love your words!
    I really really would prefer to go through the pain of childbirth than have a filling – never mind an extraction.
    Anna :o]

  4. This reminds me that I have a dental appointment in about two weeks time, yikes ~ Not my favorite place but I like the demise of the extracted tooth ~

    Its really cold around here & snow has arrived north of the city ~ Keep warm 🙂

    • This poem was extremely exaggerated. While the tooth did put in quite a fight, my visit actually wasn’t that bad. Thanks for reading!

  5. Pity the poor dentist as much as the patient–one has only to open the door to the office and the istinctive smell tells you pain lies ahead. Good rondeau and good story.

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