Grey – a poem for dVerse

the time come in these northern climes
when the weather begins to turn
just as the leaves have already turned
from vibrant, living green to
colours that, while they may look beautiful
are none-the-less dead.
my state of mind, like the sky
has turned a dull, drab grey.
i long for the sun to SHINE
and banish the grey from both
the sky and my mind
but it is stuck, resolutely
behind those grim, grey clouds
and ironically, i find i want to
cling to this mind frame.
i find a strange sort of
repulsive comfort in matching
my mood with the sky like
i match a tie to a shirt
a strange comfort that leaves me
cold and desiring bleak solitude
rather than warmth and fellowship.
i suppose it helps that i know
the spring will eventually
kill this season of cold and
but for now, I’ll swath myself in


Written for dVerse Open Link Night.  Today was drizzly and grey, and my mood was a match, so this poem is a little darker than what i usually write.  Of course, I think of people like Mr. Björn Rudburg who live significantly further north than me.  Not sure how you manage it, my friend!  But here’s wishing one and all a warm winter surrounded by friends who will keep things anything but bleak and grey!


19 thoughts on “Grey – a poem for dVerse

  1. I do OFTEN find that my moods match the seasons. When the days become shorter, I am less energetic and not as filled with joy as in spring and summer when all is greening or green and the world is filled with lots of light. I think I have a BIT of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and my moods DO seem to parallel the seasons as well! I empathize with your words, Bryan.

    • Thanks Mary. Not sure if I quite qualify for “SAD”, but I’ve never sought a diagnosis either. So may YOUR winter be filled with the warmth and brightness of family and friends! 🙂

  2. This is such a good example of using color for mood. I always feel conflicted this time of the year. The beauty of the trees contrasted with that sense of loss. As I’m in the autumn (almost winter) of life, it brings home the fragility of creation.

  3. I love the colours in autumn, although I could do without the grey sky and persistent rain we suffered for most of the past week. Today has been better.

    You’ve certainly used the colour of the sky and the implications of the changing leaves to describe your mood well. I hope you get some of the beautiful crisp, clear days that autumn can bring to cheer you up a bit.

    • I’m just a bit west of you in SK. Yesterday was very grey, but the sky was a wonderful shade of blue today (ironically, I’m NOT feeling “blue” 🙂

  4. My moods are matching with the season too ~ But you know what, when its winter & grey outside, I write to keep my mood light & carefree ~ Spring will surely come & that I can’t wait ~

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