A Matter of Perspective

“I had just taken a blood withdrawal from the donor and was air-lifting the cargo back to home base.  As I was speeding along my way, I suddenly spotted something shiny approaching me…FAST!  There was no time to take evasive maneuvers.  Everything went black, and I knew no more.”


“Ewwww!  Mom, you just hit a bug.  There’s a huge blood splotch on the window.”


“Never mind the bug guts, hon, did you see that gorgeous moose in the swamp beside the highway?”


“I was just minding my own business and cooling off in the cool, algae filled pool of water when I felt a mosquito bite me.  Sure, it’s gonna itch, but I got the last laugh.  As it flew away, I saw it crash right into one of those speedy, but annoyingly noisy things that never leave those super hard pathways.”


Posted for the Daily Post writing challenge

7 thoughts on “A Matter of Perspective

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