My Horse

I have a horse I like to ride
Oh the places that we go
Each day we go adventuring
In sun or rain or snow

Sometimes we end up by the sea
To watch the mermaids play
Or dive right in to swim with fish
And feel the ocean spray

Or to a castle in the sky
An ogre there to fight
To rescue captive royalty
Then they’ll make me a knight!

Or to the forest deep and dark
Where wild creatures roam
But if I find I’m getting scared
I blink and I am home

My rocking horse is a great pal
Oh the places that we go
To any place in my mind’s eye
In sun or rain or snow


Written for dVerse today’s prompt is to write poetry for children.


32 thoughts on “My Horse

    • Thank you! When I realized that children’s poetry was the prompt, I wasn’t sure what to write until I saw my 3yr old son on his rocking horse 🙂

  1. what a fun bit of imagination bryan…i like the travelling to see the mermaids play…that would be a sight…and castles….even if we had to battle the ogre….we fought a few in the back yard ourselves….

  2. A little boys fantasy coming true – loved the rhyme and how many of us have sat on the rocking horse and pretended we were off and away – loved the 2nd last stanza – still a young one with fear of the dark amidst all the adventure.

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