Cold – a poem for dVerse

dVerse has challenged us to think about something Italian and then write a poem about it.  I’ll admit, my poem takes a rather tangential approach to that challenge


The winters here in Canada
They can be harsh and cold
Each place you look white’s all you see
And quickly that gets old

The temp-rit-ure is downright rude
Your socks might freeze right off
And if you stay outside too long
You’re sure to get a cough

And if you have to venture out
On a cold winter morn
This one thing I can guarantee
You’ll wish you’d not been born

Of course I say this only to
The ones not native born
Compared to us that from here are
You’re like sheep freshly shorn

Canucks like me know how to dress
When winter blizzards blow
Naught but our eyes are left exposed
To face the frigid snow

Our winter gear you’ll clearly see
Is all that keeps us warm
When we are forced to go outside
Or we would come to harm

So ‘fore the winter rears its head
I better find…Oh Shoot!
In looking for my winter wear
I fear I’ve lost a boot.


If you’re wondering how that poem even tangentially relates to Italy, that’s simple.  Italy is shaped like a boot.  🙂


18 thoughts on “Cold – a poem for dVerse

  1. haha…yeah..italy is shaped like a boot…very cool.. oy and canada is so cold…never been there but a friend went there to ski – and the first day he was wondering why all the people are wearing such strange masks on their face… a few minutes later he bought one as well…smiles

  2. haha…nice…when i lived outdoors that year i got to where i could stand winter in my shorts…cause i lived in it all the time…not so much anymore…gimme my winter wear….guess i need to be breaking it out now eh?

    • Thanks for reading. I’m in Saskatoon. I think the thermometer gets lower here, but you have the humidity that can be pretty nasty too!

  3. Ha, I have been thinking of looking for my winter gear as well. It’s about time. Autumn is on the downward slope right now, and before we know it we will have snow!

    • That is quite true about the clothes. I hate the darkness of winter too, but I guess you get it a bit worse as you are a fair bit further north than I am. Either way, I hope the dark and cold of your Swedish winter are made warm and bright with the comfort of family and friends. 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 Perhaps I should have put a disclaimer at the top: “unless your computer is waterproof, put down your beverage before reading…” 🙂

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