Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 38

After receiving his parents’ blessing for getting a job, Thorson wasted no time in trying to get one.

With his dad’s help, he put together a resumé…he had to admit that it was a rather lame one, as “past employment” was just things like “mowed Mrs. Adam’s lawn” or “shovelled Mr. McNeil’s driveway.”  His dad assured him that everybody had at one time had a first job, and employers would understand that he was young.   “And,” he had said, “a lot of employers will like to see that you’ve gone out and done odd-jobs in the community.”

Thorson wasn’t at all convinced that odd jobs counted as work experience, but he had to put down something.

One he had printed off a few dozen copies, he started applying for jobs.  He started at Gregory and Sons Building Supplies.  Mr. Gregory himself took the resumé and asked, “Do yous knows how to drive a forklift?”  Thord told him, “No, but I can learn.”  “Sorry,” said Mr. Gregory, “but yous gots to have a certificate.  Yous knows…for insurance.  Maybe go and gets yous-self trained and then yous comes back.  OK?”

It was only his first rejection, but Thorson was bummed.  He went on to the local grocery store.  When he went to customer service, he gave his resumé to the lady working behind the desk.  She said she’d pass it on to the manager, but she didn’t think they were hiring right now.

This was the way his day went.  Everywhere he went, they either weren’t hiring, or they wanted someone with experience.  How, he wondered, was he supposed to get experience if nobody was willing to give him a chance to get experience?

After about four hours of throwing away resumés at one business after another, he decided he’d had enough for one day, and figured he’d unwind by going to the theater to watch an indi-film that had just come in.  After he arrived at the theater, he bought a ticket and was standing in line for some popcorn when he heard a familiar voice, “Hey Thord!”  It was Walter Link, the theater manager.  “Hey Walt!  What’s up?”  Although Walt was easily the same age as Thord’s dad, he insisted that the kids call him by his first name.

“I was wondering…one of the projection room guys is moving, and, since you’re here all the time anyways…would you be interested in coming to work here part time?  You could see all the movies for free, and half price on concessions.  I know you’re still in school, but we can work around that.  If you’re interested.”

Thorson wasn’t sure why he hadn’t thought about applying here first, and his face broke into a lopsided grin.  “Um…I’m actually looking for a job, so I’d love to!”

“Can you start tonight?  We could use you at about 6:30.  I’ll have John teach you the ropes.”

“I’ll be there!!”

~~to be continued~~


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