Autumn – A Sonnet

I feel the autumn breezes briskly blow
Reminding me of what is on the way
The trees are shedding leaves before the snow

As much as I would have the summer stay
I recognize that it is at an end
But I’ll not fret, the days are not yet grey

There still is much this season can yet lend
High flying kites and weekend barbeques
Warm day and then cool nights a perfect blend

Our joys and sorrows build upon our views
Embrace the season’s virtues, don’t be slow
For if we don’t there is so much to lose

The winter spring and summer, even fall
If we but look have blessings for us all


A while back, I was thinking of the traditional sonnet forms and considering if there might be a different way to write a sonnet.  This is my attempt at writing a sonnet according to the form that I came up with (ABA,BCB,CDC,DAD,EE).  I hope you enjoyed!

Posted for dVerse Open Link Night.  Head on over to participate and/or read some rather incredible modern-day poets!


16 thoughts on “Autumn – A Sonnet

  1. our joys and sorrows depend on our views…
    that says much…i love this season personally…i wish autumn could last
    longer than it is…it is a heavy season for many…and me at times but its still
    my fav…

    • Thanks Brian. Not sure where you are from, but up here in Canada, the fall is a precurser to what can be a brutal winter…although even the winter has a lot to offer as well…and this poem is written a bit to remind myself that God has given us each season for a reason. Thanks for reading!

  2. We definitely DO have to embrace what each season offers, to appreciate each seasons virtues. I think, with autumn, that we really should not be so quick to look beyond to the cold miserable winter, when there is so much beauty to behold in enjoying EACH autumn day. Nicely stated poem.

  3. Our joy or sorrow depends on our views…so often it is like that… and if we have learned to embrace what we cannot much happier we could be… autumn def. has a lot of beauty to offer… each season in fact…we just have to see it..true..

  4. I think the sonnet does succeed. There are a lot of poets these days taking liberties within this form. The rhyme scheme seemed to work along with the text of each stanza. The iambic pentameter is so precise in nearly all lines, so that the two which don’t scan, stand out: Check lines beginning with: “There still” and “Our sorrow” I think the anapests are confusing your feet count in them. Otherwise perfect.

    • I took a look at the lines you mentioned and “tweeked” them a bit. I’d love it if you’d take another look and tell me what you think!

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