One More Hill

He always knew the greatest thrill
Was to be found o’er the next hill
And so he walked both day and night
Yet what he sought stayed beyond sight

“Just one more hill and then I’ll find
The ones I’ve passed? Oh never mind
Just one more knoll I need to top
Not there? Oh well, no need to stop”

And so he walked hoping to find
Not knowing that he’d left behind
The surer joys of hearth and home
So cursed, he continued to roam

The ‘lusive rainbow that he sought
He never found, for it was naught


Posted for the Trifecta Writing Challenge.  This week’s challenge was to use the word “rainbow” in the figurative sense of an illusory goal or hope.  I decided to do a poem based rather loosely on an Elizabethan Sonnet (although I used tetrameter instead of pentameter, and an aabb ccdd eeff gg rhyme scheme instead of abab cdcd efef gg)