The Solo

In dVerse, we were introduced to the genre of Jazz Poetry.  Being a huge jazz fan, I simply had to answer the call.  This is my first attempt at the genre, and I hope I at least sort of  did it justice!  So go grab a CD of Miles Davis, or your favourite jazz trumpeter, and read this out loud as you listen (or read it silently with no soundtrack if you prefer…I leave that up to you).


Lips pursed and placed
on the mouthpiece
he spins his breath
thru his silver horn

His voice, to the crowd
the piercing tones
of the tune, he attacks
on his trumpet

The standard he plays
every cat worth his salt
has done it before
each one done it dif’rent

The score on his stand
it stands ignored
he knows this tune…
intimate like a lover

besides…the notes
they’re a guide, not the rule
with joy he’ll improv…
improve on the tune

Hit a note flat
then gliss to the true
riff on a theme and
make it swing, make it his

He feels more than hears
the ‘lectric energy
of the crowd, like
fuel for his muse

He plays his horn
like never before
the crowd whipped
to a frenzy

Too soon the spotlight
swings away
shining now on
the guy on the sticks

His solo is done
he knows he done good
his soul…he just
poured it thru his lips

Today Was Destined to be Different

It was a typical Thursday.

The sun, as is its wont,  rose in the east.  The smell of coffee and oatmeal greeted me as I walked into the kitchen.  My wife smiled at me and came to give me a good morning kiss and hug.  This day was beginning just like any typical day.  No reason why anyone should think that anything should be different than usual.  Today was destined to be different, however.  I knew that, even if nobody else did.

As I extracted myself from my wife’s embrace, I told her that I had an errand to run, so I might be late for supper.

After a quick breakfast, I went into the garage, fired up the car and went to work.  At work, I answered some calls, filed some reports, and turned a few bucks of profit for the company.  Same old, same old…and yet I knew that today was destined to be different.

When quitting time came, I said the customary “have a good evening, see you tomorrow” to my co-workers, headed out the door, and went to do my errand.

As I pulled up to Centennial Bank, I smiled.  Here was where the day was about to become different.  I was planning on making a rather large withdrawal from an account that my wife knew nothing about.  Boy would she be surprised!

Moments after I walked through the door, clouds of gas began to fill the bank, and everyone around me began to lose consciousness.  It was clear, even to the most unobservant person that a robbery was in progress, but it was OK.  I was already wearing my mask.

Written for Trifecta.  This week’s challenge was to use  the 3rd definition of the word “mask”

3: a protective covering for the face