A Riddle

Listen beyond the spoken word
Open your ears, for the silence speaks
Order exists beyond structure
Keep hearing when the speaking stops
Have the skill to pay attention
Ev'rywhere you look there are clues
Recognize what others will miss
Enjoy the challenge of finding
Ask for that which cannot be had
Notice that which might not be seen
Darkness cannot hide in the light
So strike a match, light a candle
Every step taken on paths unknown...
Each new mysterious journey
Taken without knowing the end
Has risks, do you dare to take them?
Enigmas abound in plain sight
Hidden truths there for you to find
If you will simply seek them out
Decipher them, don't be afraid
Do you recognize that there's more?
Enough to keep us all looking?
Never imagine that you're done
Looking.  you've prob'ly missed something
I beg you to keep on seeking...
Now you think this poem is done, but
Even now this is not the end...


Written for dVerse OLN (open link night)

14 thoughts on “A Riddle

  1. darknes can not hide so strike the match…nice take action…and listen…there are clues…really cool piece and really resonating with what i am writing for tomorrow as well…like it much….

  2. “In all things curious” Samuel Pepys wrote in his diary. It’s my personal motto – learn everyday, read what you can, listen well, think hard and search for what is buried – the stories are the metaphors. The metaphors tell the tale.

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