Grizzwaald’s Revenge

Magic Hour by Judith Clay

The kids and their parents

would be so impressed

when I pulled from my hat

what they thought in my vest


My mode of distraction

perfected to a tee

but my perfect execution

just wasn’t to be


I placed the other deck

with the utmost of care

while I had the crowd looking

at the dove on my chair


but something went wrong

I think ’twas a spring

the cards all flew out

the crowd’s laughter did ring


Oh clown how you laughed

when you blew up my hat

But I’ve stolen your giraffe

whatcha think about that?


Written for dVerse.  Artwork by Judith Clay

This is my second post for the same challenge, and is a direct sequel to my first poem

(since I was once again late for the deadline…I’m submitting for dVerse Open Link Night)


24 thoughts on “Grizzwaald’s Revenge

  1. haha…some tricks turn out the unexpected way…laughing at beth’s comment as well…smiles.. cool that you went for another poem inspired by judith’s artwork

    • I couldn’t resist…Judith’s artwork simply BEGS for poetic responses (by the way…thanks for the Judith Clay challenge!!)

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