How could she tell them?

Although this story is fictitious, it is based on facts.  My story may be upsetting for some readers…when I first heard some of the details that went into this story, I had a few sleepless nights.  I give this story a PG-13 rating.


Sandra subconsciously fingered one of the small round scars on her arm as she addressed the group of teenage girls.  Each cigarette burn was a tiny brand that reminded her daily of who she had been.

She was here to tell the girls about her life, and how she had escaped the life that she had led.

Sandra had been 8 years old when she had decided to run away from home.  It wasn’t the first time she’d run off, but this time was different.  A man in a Monte Carlo SS had pulled up and asked if he could help her.  Oh how she wished, in hind-sight, that she had said “no.”

How could she tell these girls how she had been strapped down to a bed for 2 weeks…how she had been systematically raped and injected with drugs…until all she could think about was the next high…the next escape…until she was willing to sell herself on the streets, just so her pimp would give her the drugs that now controlled her life?

She thanked God daily for the handful of people who had been willing to help her see that she could be so much more…who had been willing to stick with her through the horrors of withdrawal, who encouraged her as she left behind the hell that had been prostitution.

Perhaps the only thing that could be better than escaping her past life would be to keep someone else from ever experiencing it.

“Hi girls,” she began, “my name is Sandra, and I hope your story never resembles mine…”


Written for the Trifecta Writing Challenge.  Dedicated to all those who have been trapped in prostition, and especially to those who have escaped that life and are dedicating their lives to freeing others and helping others to never experience it.