An Ode to Pie (to 23 decimal places)

A few days ago on dVerse, we were encouraged to write a poem where each line had words, syllables, or metrical feet corresponding to numbers in a numerical sequence.  I eventually thought of the mathematical constant known as “pi”.  I wasn’t sure if this would count as a numerical sequence per se, so I decided to save this poem for open link night.  Each line in this poem corresponds to digits in pi up to 23 decimal places  (3.14159265358979323846264).  Of course, a poem based on pi would have to be about pie.  Hope you enjoy!

I like pie


It is simply wonderful


My favourite is probably rhubarb

But I will still gladly eat almost any flavour

Except raisin

Some go well with ice cream

Such as chocolate or apple

Some do not

Take lemon merangue for example

Any meal is better with pie for dessert

Of course pie is not necessarily just for dessert

Shepherd’s pie makes for a great meal

Potatoes, ground beef and vegetables baked in a crust

Although usually round,

Mathematicians say

They are square

But have they ever cut squares into wedges?

But whatever their shape

Pies are really good to eat.

This poem,

Like my insatiable love of pie

Could likely last forever.

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