Distractions – 333 Syllables for Trifecta

I decided to write a poem

of three hundred thirty three beats

I sat down on my couch at home

but got sidetracked by reading tweets

I stopped looked at twitter feeds

(three hours of my time it took)

started to think of my poem’s needs

but then I logged into facebook

I fin’ly forced myself to stop

concluding that my enemy

was things I saw on my lap-top

and so instead I watched TV

When I had watched a dozen shows

(not one word of my poem yet writ)

my groggy eyes began to close

I figured I’d nap for a bit

I while later when I awoke

I thought that I might fin’ly start

But I was thirsty for some Coke

So off I drove to the food mart

When I got back ’twas nearly noon

And I needed something to munch

I ate up my soup with a spoon

(my poem could wait til after lunch)

But when I was completely full

My eye was caught by something green

It was a periodical

And so I read the magazine

Lower and lower my heart sank

as afternoon came by and went

The page in front of me still blank

I couldn’t seem to make a dent

It took a while to grasp the fact

Procrastination was my foe

So I made with myself a pact:

Distractions simply had to go

So then I fin’ly buckled down

And wrote some lines about my day

The words I penned removed my frown

At last my poem was underway

Distractions?  A ton

Yet it was fun!

(And now it’s done!)


For the Trifecta weekly challenge, we are given a word and asked to write between 33 and 333 words using the the 3rd definition of that prompt word.  This week I decided to try counting syllables instead of words.  Hope you enjoyed my poem!

(By the way, the word this week is “grasp”)


12 thoughts on “Distractions – 333 Syllables for Trifecta

  1. You seriously counted the syllables? (I believe you…I don’t feel the need to re-count them…besides, I’d surely get distracted halfway through and have to start over!) This was a fun read about distractions we all know too well.

    • It was easier than it looks…8 beats per line times 4 lines per stanza equals 32 beats…times 10 stanzas equals 320, plus a 13 beat stanza at the end…but feel free to count if you need a distraction from your own writing 🙂

  2. Haha! I love it. You waste time the same way I do–presuming this is non-fiction. Oooo! Look! A shiny new status update! Too funny. Thanks for linking up. Don’t forget to come back and vote at the end.

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