Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 36

As soon as Thorson left the airport, he pulled out his new smart-phone.  Up until he and Bertha finally met for the first time, he had joked that he was one of the last 10 people on the planet who didn’t have a cell phone.  He even tried to convince Bertha not to buy him the new gadget, but she wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.  “I want to be able to text with you like normal people do!”

Thorson wasn’t entirely sure that something was “normal” just because it was the modern craze, but he had to admit he enjoyed the instant-anywhere communication…not to mention that he could check facebook or send tweets even when he didn’t have computer access.

He sent a short text message, smiled, and put his phone back in his pocket.  Then he opened the back door of the car and climbed in.  His mom turned and asked him, “you OK?”  Thorson missed Bertha more than he ever had before, but he said, “Yeah, I’m OK.  Let’s go home.”

Thord and Bertha had gone a lot of places together while she had been in Saskatchewan, but every place they had gone, they had left together too.  He wished that she had climbed into the car with him, instead of a plane leaving the country.  He still wanted to do things with his favourite girl.


Samantha’s phone beeped.  She smiled when she saw that it was from Thorson.  She had been expecting this text.

She’d been surprised the first time that her best friend’s boyfriend had texted her.  Turns out he had snuck a peak at Bertha’s phone’s address book when Bertha had left it unattended at a restaurant.  That first text had asked her if she would do him a favour.  “You Canadians and your extraneous u’s…of course I’ll do you a favor!”  Doing him a favor was easy, especially since he was doing most of the arrangements…besides, he was doing this for her friend too!  This text simply gave the arrival time of Bertha’s plane to the airport in Seattle.


When Bertha’s plane landed, she was tired, but woke up fully when she left the secure area and saw her friend Sam waiting for her.  Beside Samantha was a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Thorson, holding a very real bouquet of flowers.

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