Two Poems

If you’ve read any of my limericks or haiku, you probably already know that I like to use them for purely silly reasons.  Partially because I’m not a good enough poet to do write proper haiku.  Limericks are typically rather silly, so they do suit my personality quite well.  Just for the fun of it, I decided to write a haiku about limericks and a limerick about haiku.  It seemed only logical.

If you want to write

Limericks use the rhyme scheme

a a b b a


There once was a man named Achoo

Who wanted to write a Haiku

“Use 5, 7, 5

if you wish to survive”

said his very wise mentor, Magoo

Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 34

Most indi films are seen by relatively few people.  Occasionally, however, an indi film manages to garner enough attention to cross over into the main-stream.  Bruce and Juliette was one of those rare gems.

Bertha had been limited to the indi market for the simple reason that major studios didn’t like her name.  She had been told on more than one occasion, “Get a name change, or at least adopt a stage-name, then come back.”  With the success of Bruce and Juliette, however, her name was no longer an obstacle.  Major studios were now asking Bertha to audition for their upcoming movies.  She wasn’t exactly a household name, but she certainly wasn’t an unknown anymore either.

After her first movie, she had received precisely one piece of fan-mail.  This one letter had launched her relationship with Thorson.  After Bruce and Juliette, the letters began pouring in by the hundreds.  As much as she had desired that attention after her first movie, she reflected that she would probably never have met Thorson if she had had more success with The Disaster.

After the Canadian premiere of Bruce and Juliette, she was able to stay a full month in Saskatchewan.  Much of this time was spent doing publicity tours, but she was also able to spend a fair bit of time with Thorson and his family.  It was wonderful to be with the boy that she had grown to love, but the time passed all too quickly.

It was with a lot of tears on both Bertha’s and Thorson’s part when the time came for Bertha to board the airplane that would take her back to the US.  They knew that they already had a relationship that had started as long distance, and they knew that they could sustain it, but the time spent together made the distance seem that much more extreme.  They were both thankful that with the income that Bertha was receiving from the box-office and from Blu-Ray sales it was going to be possible for them to get together at least a few times a year, but still…Bertha was getting on a plane, and Thorson wasn’t.

With a final hug and kiss, Bertha turned to walk through the security gate.  Despite the glare of the airport lights, Thorson’s world felt awfully dark.

~~to be continued~~

My Thoughts on the New Royal Baby

Prince William and Duchess Kate are the proud parents of a brand-new squalling baby boy.  They named him George.  George is a perfectly fine name to have.  There have been plenty of Georges who have led successful lives.  There are currently many Georges around…a lot of whom are wonderful people, and there have even been Kings named George.

George is not however a very popular name for babies as far as “in vogue” names go right now.  To be completely honest, when I think of the name “George”, I think of a balding, overweight plumber who is somewhere around 60 years of age.  When the news showed a picture of the new prince, he didn’t look much like a middle-aged plumber.

To be completely fair, the royal couple didn’t have a lot of say in the matter…a future king is expected to have certain names.  They really only had a few names to choose from: Charles, William, Richard, Henry, and George.  Had Will and Kate had a daughter, I promise you that she would have been named one of the following: Elizabeth, Victoria, or Ann…possibly Anne.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that it’s time that the Royal Family got with the times and chose a few new names for their first-born children.

Oh well…I guess that having a future king who likes to tinker with plumbing isn’t the worst thing in the world!