The Nervous Actress

Five minutes before curtain, she was playing with her ring.

It fell, bounced twice on the seat, then fell into the back-stage toilet.

As it hit the water, she panicked and flushed.


Written for the Trifectra weekend challenge (Trifextra). ย This weekend’s challenge was to use the words, ring, water, and stage in a 33 word story.


40 thoughts on “The Nervous Actress

  1. hahaha – funny stuff. Reminds me of a joke about a man dropping a quarter into the toilet – wouldn’t go after it – tossed another quarter in . . . “25 cents, no . . . 50 cents yes.” Yeah, I know weird – your punchline is much better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’d love to see what happens next. So many reasons for the panicked flush…right? Maybe my imagination is just running wild. I love when that happens. Thanks! And thank you for linking up! ~Mary Beth

  3. This brings to my mind (my silly one anyway) that she is OCD and the flushing is her OCD “anything in the toilet, flush”. I know. I’m weird.

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