Sonnet and Haiku

There is a form of writing that I love

Although I often make a mockery

The style of which I speak fits like a glove

With my own certain brand of comedy


With pen and ink on paper do I jest

Thru medium of this poetic form

My slightly twisted mind won’t let me rest

‘Til words tumble out of me like a storm


Why tell you of this love in a sonnet

When short lim’ricks have worked for me before?

I maybe should instead use a nonnet

For forteen lines may be to long?  A bore?


But Nay!  I had to write this poem ’tis true

This is my song of love to the haiku.


the poèm above

would have embarrassed Shakespeare

my apologies

Blue Marbles

The Brahg were unique as far as alien races went.  They were the only species anywhere in the universe capable of communicating with their alternate universe doppelgangers.  They did this as naturally as breathing, despite the infinite number of parallel realities with which they were in constant contact.

Brahgian Supreme Commander Kohr was in contact with all of his doppelgangers (all of whom were Brahgian supreme commanders).  They enjoyed the symmetry of doing things together.  Today they were going to launch a mission of “domestication” against the hideous bi-pedal creatures called humans.  They were a rather intelligent form of cattle…but no more than cattle none-the-less.  They needed domestication, as almost without exception, they loved nothing better than to fight amongst themselves.

With their drastically superior intelligence, it should prove easy to bring the hewmuns under control.  All they had to do was use their natural animosity towards each other against them.  After they were tamed, they would make ideal beasts of burden to harvest the blue marble that they called their home.

The Khors gave the collective command to attack.  Across an infinite number of parallel universes, an infinite number of Brahgian fleets descended upon an infinite number of Earths.

Khor had been right.  The hewmuns had been so busy destroying each other that they were easily brought under control.  By the time they had thought to band together, it had been too late.

In the infinity of the multiverse, there had been one blue marble where the hewmuns had learned to live in peace with each other.  Working together was simply what they did.

When the infinite number of Brahgian fleets descended, the hewmuns on one blue marble managed to remain free.

Family – A Haiku

Family Gathering

stories singing and laughter

God given blessing


This weekend my family and I attended “Harderama”.  A gathering of the Harder family that takes place every other year.  My grandma (my mom’s mom) prayed that her children would not stop getting together, even after they grew up and had children of their own.

Grandma and Grandpa have been gone for years already, but Grandma’s prayers are still answered.  Grandma’s kids, grand-kids, great and even great-GREAT grandkids are still getting together regularly.  I have heard that some families get together and end up fighting non-stop.  I therefore count it a God-Given Blessing that we get together and enjoy each other’s company.

I can hardly wait until the summer of 2015 for the next gathering!


I remembered “ROY-G-BIV”, so I should have aced the Rainbow Colour Test.  I don’t understand why I only got 1 out of 7








Doesn’t my teacher know anything?


Posted for the Trifecta (Trifextra) weekend challenge.  This week we were to use 33 words on colour.