Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 28

If you are viewing this blog for the first time, you’ve arrived at part 28 of an on-going story.  If you want to find part 1 quickly, without having to do a bunch of searching, feel free to click here for a short cut to part 1.  At the end of each part, you will find a link to the next chapter until you eventually get back to whatever chapter I published most recently.  Of  course, you’re always welcome to search in whatever manner you want.  If you go back far enough, you’ll find a number of articles that I wrote prior to starting my Thorson story.  If you’re a foodie, I even have a story about the culinary history of the mushroom.  If you’re interested in the factual story of the culinary history of the mushroom, please, do NOT, under any circumstances, type “mushroom” in the search bar to the right.  And now that I’ve procrastinated writing my story for far too long, here goes…


Thorson wasn’t sure what to think.  He knew that Bertha was busy with all the things involved in the making of a movie.  She had warned him that she wouldn’t be able to Skype with him as frequently as before, but it seemed to him that she could probably communicate with him a bit more than she had been.  It had been over three whole days!  No Skype, no messages on either Twitter or facebook.  Nothing.  It almost seemed to Thorson that she was avoiding him.  But why?

It had been almost half a year since Thorson had walked into a movie theater in Armpit, SK to watch the movie that would change his life. Almost half a year since he had first seen a character named Jennifer…a character played by the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  Even when he had discovered that the actress’s name was Bertha Gertrude vonEngle, he was still determined that this was the girl for him.  He had written her a fan letter, and not only had she responded, they had become really good friends.  He hoped that someday they would become more than friends, but now there was nothing coming from Bertha.

Probably the worst thing about her silence was that the school year was coming to a close soon, and it was hard for him to think studying for his Grade 8 final exams when he felt like his heart had been torn from his rib cage and run over by a lawn-mower.  What had he done wrong?  Why wasn’t she talking to him?  He had tried to chalk it up to her acting career, but after the second day, he began to wonder what was going on.

Thorson picked up the phone and called his friend Adam.  Adam and Thord had been best friends since Adam had moved to town 6 years ago.  Thorson realized, as he was dialing, that he had spent precious little time with his friends since meeting Bertha.  He talked with his friends at school, but on evenings and weekends, he was spending more and more time visiting with his long distance crush.  Now that Bertha wasn’t talking to him, he realized that he really needed to spend more time with his local friends.

After talking for a few minutes, Adam asked Thorson if he’d like to go for a bike-ride.  Five minutes later, the two of them were biking side up and down the streets of their town with no destination in mind, but it gave them the chance to talk.  Adam already knew about Thord’s infatuation with the red-headed actress, so Thorson didn’t have to give him too much background info.

They cycled around for about 45 minutes before Adam finally said, “You like the girl.  Right?”  When Thorson answered in the affirmative, Adam asked, “Does she like you?”  Thorson paused for a while before finally saying, “I think so, but I’m not sure.”

Despite the fact that Adam had never had a girlfriend, he was quick to give advise as if he were THE authority on dating: “Girls like that aren’t going to wait around forever, man, you’ve got to let her know how you feel.  You’ve got to ask her to be your girlfriend, or you’re going to lose her for sure!”

Thorson wasn’t sure what Adam meant by “girls like that,” but he wondered if Adam might be right.  It might take him a while to get her to talk to him again, but he decided then and there that it was time to see if Bertha would be his girlfriend.

~~to be continued~~


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