Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 27

(if you are new to the Thorson story, click here to go to part one)

When her day on set finally came to an end, Bertha didn’t linger, as she usually did, chatting with the other actors and crew members, but headed for the nearest exit.  She nearly made it to the door when she felt a hand on her shoulder.  She turned to see Raphael standing there and smiling.  He was so good looking, but with Bertha’s mixed emotions, Raph was the last person she wanted to see at the moment…but also the only person she wanted to see right then.

“I’m really looking forward to Friday!” he said in his rich accent.  Her heart skipped a beat as she looked into his deep brown eyes.  She could feel the heat of the color creeping into her face.

“Yeah, me too.  It’ll be a nice break from the studio.  I’m sorry, Raph, I can’t talk right now.  I actually have to run…I’m meeting a friend.”

“OK.  Not a boy I hope?”

Bertha giggled…a bit nervously, as she said, “don’t worry, just one of my girlfriends.”

As they parted ways, Bertha silently berated herself.  Although it was the truth that she was not meeting with a boy at the moment, it had been clear that Raph’s question had been more about if she had a guy in her life.  By the way she had answered, she felt like she had told Raph that Thord didn’t exist.

Her brief chat encounter with Raph made her just late enough that she made it to the bus stop just in time to see the bus she wanted pull away from the curb.  She sat back with her thoughts and waited a very long half hour for the next bus to come.  It seemed to take forever, but she finally walked up the steps to the house where her friend lived.  She rang the doorbell and took a step back to wait for the door to open.

When Samantha opened the door, she smiled warmly at her friend and said, “Bertha!  How are you?”

That’s when Bertha burst into tears.

~~to be continued~~ (part 28 is here)


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