Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 26

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Even though Raphael had spoken with a rather strong Hispanic accent when he introduced himself, Bertha quickly discovered that Raphael (or “Raph”, as he asked people to call him) seemed to be able to speak with practically any accent he wished.  She had wondered how well he could possibly do in a movie set in Rome when he spoke with a Latino accent, but now she knew that this would not be an issue for him.  As they were working so closely together, it was impossible for her not to learn lots about him, and to reveal a lot about herself to him.  He seemed to have a great sense of humor, and he was incredibly good looking too!  Bertha had decided that she didn’t want to get too close to him, as she felt like she was betraying Thord, but sometimes, she discovered, plans and reality don’t mesh.  The more time she spent with Raph on set, the more she felt herself falling for him.

At first, this concerned her, but on a Tuesday, after two weeks of on-set time with him, Raph came up to her and said, “Bertha, can I take you out for dinner and a movie this coming Friday?”  Bertha said “Yes” before she realized what she was saying.  The thrill of spending time, one-on-one with Raph…the ability to be with a boy that she liked…in the same room…maybe to actually hold hands…  these thoughts conflicted with  …should I tell Thord about Raph…am I betraying Thord…would Thord be hurt if he knew that I was going on a date…

After getting back to her own room after getting home from the set, she called her friend Samantha and asked “can we get together tomorrow after I’m done on set?”  Sam said, “Of course!  Come on over!”

Bertha had a rather restless night, alternating between excitement and guilt over her Friday plans.  The next day was equally difficult.  She had a challenging time focusing on her lines when Raph was always so close to her, smiling at her at the oddest moments, even winking at her from time to time.  Normally, Bertha loved practically everything about acting and movie production, but today, she could hardly wait for the day to end so that she could go talk to her best friend.

~~to be continued~~ (click here for part 27)


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