Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 25

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Although Thorson was very disappointed not to hear from Bertha after her meeting, he made the assumption that her meeting had gone overtime, and that it had been too late for her to call him.  It never even crossed his mind that she had simply forgotten about him because of another guy.


For her part, Bertha went to sleep, dreaming of Raphael…until she woke suddenly and completely at 3:17 a.m., and sat bolt upright in her bed with one thought on her mind:  “Thord!”  After that, she managed to drift off from time to time, but what little sleep she did get was restless and filled with disturbing dreams.


The following evening, Bertha did Skype with Thord, but it was painfully obvious to Thorson that Bertha was distracted.  Their conversation, which normally flowed so freely, was stilted…mostly carried by Thord.  Any time that he asked Bertha a question, she would answer with a word or two, and then there would be an awkward silence until Thorson would finally say something else.  They talked for only a few minutes before Thorson finally suggested that they should talk again soon.  It was a relief to both of them when they disconnected.  Thorson could not have known that Bertha was distracted by her own guilt.  While they had never formally committed to any sort of a relationship, both of them felt, instinctually, that they were more than mere friends.  Bertha could not bear to admit to Thorson that she had been thinking so much about Raphael.  In fact, she had not been able to tell Thorson anything about the meeting other than answer the questions that he had asked her directly.  Thorson was relieved to end the Skype call, but was also rather confused as to why the conversation had been so weird.  That something was bothering Bertha was obvious…he just wished that he knew what.  He knew that it might be  a while before he could find out, as Bertha had told him that she was going to be quite busy over the next while with pre-filming rehearsals.  He just hoped that nothing was too seriously wrong.  They had disconnected only a couple of minutes ago, and already he missed Bertha as if he hadn’t spoken to her in months.

~to be continued~ (part 26 is here)



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