Thorson Thorkelson The Thord – Part 20 – The Call Back Audition

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Bertha worked hard to prepare herself for the call-back.  She was told to come with pages 207-280 of the script memorized.  Of course, there were other actors that had lines in those pages memorized, but you never knew when the director would ask, “What is Bruce’s line here?  Or what does Cassius say there?”, so Bertha memorized everyone lines in the assigned section.  She had never studied this hard for anything…not even for her auditions for The Disaster.  Bruce and Juliette had much more potential than The Disaster ever had, and Bertha wanted this part with every fiber of her being.

When the day for the call-back finally came, Bertha drew the second audition spot.  Ariana Jörgunsen would go first, and Katherine Kohl would go last.  Bertha was a bit jealous of both the other girls, because their names would look a lot better in the credits than Bertha Gertrude VonEngle ever would.  Unfair as it was, it was sometimes little things like that that determined who got the part and who got cut.  Who could compete with a name like Ariana Jörgunsen?  Some directors went wild for little dots over an “o”.

As Ariana did her bit before the panel, it became obvious to Bertha that Ariana had not prepared enough.  She knew her lines almost perfectly, but when quizzed on the other parts, she didn’t seem to know any of the other actors’ lines except for those lines that would cue her in for her next line.  Bertha could only hope that Katherine would do as poorly.

When Ariana was done, Bertha took her place.  She had the typical butterflies in her stomach, but she had long since learned how to use her nervous energy to give life to her acting.  She acted her parts with ease.  Every question that the panel asked her, she answered with confidence, and without hesitation.  In short, she nailed her call-back audition.  The director, and the other members of the audition panel complimented her and called up Katherine.  Bertha sat down to watch Katherine.  She knew that she shouldn’t feel smug, but she did.  She had this part in the bag!…and then Katherine went and aced her audition too.  Katherine had a poise and grace about her that few girls that age possessed.  Bertha’s confidence was slowly eroded until she was pretty certain that she had not gotten the part.

The call-back finally came to an end.  The director thanked the girls for their time and said, “We’ll let you know by the end of the week.”

She figured that she could handle hearing the results if they could come right away…even if she was told that she didn’t get the part, but waiting a whole week to find out if she was “in” or not…Bertha thought that the not knowing might drive her crazy!

~~to be continued~~ (part 21 is here)

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